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  • Claire Goldman

Sorry, not sorry!

Sometimes it’s difficult to be an emotionally charged person. Some of the people closest to me are so chill, I find myself being very aware of how excited I get about little things. I had a friend text me the other night about the possibility of building a modern house in my favorite neighborhood in Auburn. Immediately, my heart started pounding, I had to pause Castle to deal with my excitement. I started talking a million miles a minute trying to fill Charlie in with what was going on.

Usually, I am very aware of my emotions. The voice in my head is often saying, “Just be cool, Claire.” Do you know how exhausting it is to JUST BE COOL sometimes? So what if gorgeous black glazed bricks make me want to jump up and down! Or, if seeing our newly designed logo on our trucks warrants a few squeals! Or, if I’m up all night designing a project in my head because I’m so excited about it!

Very few things in life truly excite me like good food and good design do. I got so excited about a bacon wrapped date I ate recently that I teared up while I ate it. It was that good.

I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I get to work in a field that fuels my passions. I’m challenged every day. I think my favorite thing about my job is figuring out my clients. My own personal style is mid-century modern. But, my job is to walk a property, ask all the right questions to get inside my client’s head, and implement a design to enhance the house and reflect my client’s style. It always feels good when we nail it!

I’m already super excited about the designs we are currently working on and seeing what spring has in store for us. So, if you see me doing cartwheels in a client’s yard, don’t be alarmed. I’m just loving what I do!

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