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  • Claire Goldman

Gulf States Horticultural Expo

I love going to a new place with some fellow horties. Last week, Charlie, Nathan, Ryan, and I spent some time in Mobile for the Gulf States Horticulture Expo. Ryan is our newest addition to the R&R family, so we took the opportunity to quiz him and see how much he knows.

The folks at the expo took the whole work family thing pretty seriously!

As we walked through the old streets of downtown Mobile, I couldn’t help but be thoroughly entertained by our passion and excitement for each plant that crossed our path. Around each corner was another, “Oooooo!!! Look at that tree!” or “EWW! Why in the WORLD would they choose that plant for this space?” or “Hey, Ryan! What’s this one?” followed by Nathan and/or Charlie explaining everything there is to know about the relevant species while Ryan’s eyes slowly glazed over. Dr. Eakes would have been proud of his protégés.

Then, there’s the moment Nathan thought he could be a smartie and still remember how to spell Liquidambar styraciflua (which, by the way, I just spelled correctly on the first try while I’m typing this).

Ah, yes. Only true horties can appreciate our love for what we do. We walked through the aisles of the Expo checking out the newest plants, equipment, and software. It’s always fun to see what everyone else is doing and come up with ideas to have a better year than the one before. Most of all, though, it’s nice to just spend some time getting to know each other.

Slowly back away from the machine, Charlie.

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