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Landscape Design · Installation · Landscape Construction · Irrigation · Seasonal Color · Lighting 


At R&R Landscaping, we hold ourselves to the highest standard in every aspect of our work.  Our workforce is highly trained and qualified to meet your needs, and we are dedicated to offering diverse and specialized services that are tailored to your unique preferences and situation.

Drawing & plans for landscape design of outdoor spaces.


Our landscape designs are created to make a dramatic difference in both the visual appeal and function of your landscape. By combining the best principles of landscape design with expert plant selection and placement, we work closely with you to imagine the best design solutions for your landscape. We pay careful attention to your preferences to create your ideal outdoor space.

We actively consult with you to create idea sketches and a final set of professional drawings and plans that visually depict your dream landscape. We'll provide options for installing a full landscape all at once or breaking down a plan into phases for installation as your budget allows. Why not start today and take the next step toward your dream landscape? Reach out below to get started with the design process.

Drawings & Plans

Outdoor living at its best. Landscape architecture and landscape construction of outdoor living space in Auburn, Alabama.


We make full-service, high-quality landscaping affordable. Beyond the average landscape, R&R combines hands-on skills and experience in construction, hardscape, irrigation, and operation of the right landscape equipment for the job. This wealth of experience plus a thorough knowledge of horticulture and design ensures a creative landscape that flows throughout the property. Homeowners who have used our services find that our full-range, design-build approach produces better landscapes with enduring, higher quality at affordable prices. With a special focus on design and you in mind, R&R uses your preferences to create spaces that complement your home and its architectural design. 

Commercial Landscape Construction

Residential Landscape Construction

R&R Landscaping is a state-licensed commercial subcontractor with a successful record of large-scale landscaping projects. Our organized and skilled managers use effective project management to estimate, bid, and install projects of any size with complex components such as hardscapes and advanced irrigation systems. Our hands-on managers are directly responsible for project coordination, production, and quality control and are committed to achieving the highest standards while completing the project on time.

Whether commercial or residential, R&R Landscaping has a proven record in quality landscape design, installation, service, and dependability.


Please contact us below to request a list of references.

Professional servies for Irrigation for outdoor space.


We are well aware of the value of water. By installing a well-designed irrigation system, you can use less water more efficiently, while nurturing a healthier, better-looking landscape. Our team can design a system based on the water requirements of the specific plants in your yard. We will program your irrigation controller to ensure your plants get the water they need and no excess.

Better Irrigation Uses Less Water

Professional Service Keeps Healthy Systems & Plants

R&R Landscaping can service your system, too. We recommend a maintenance schedule of 3 services per year. We will winterize, reprogram for spring, and check for leaks or malfunctions. We will return during the growing season to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. By maintaining your irrigation system, we are positioned to catch problems early that prevent excess or wasted water and damaged plants from too little or too much water.

Seasonal Color & Special Accents achieved through planting trees and shrubs, landscape design, and landscape installation.


Enjoy a splash of seasonal color and texture! Our unique plant selections and arrangements are a great way to dress up your entryway, window boxes, patio, and deck.

Containers are less overwhelming to care for than a whole garden. They can help create the ambiance you seek for your property. We customize containers to fit your needs. From herbs to color to low maintenance, sun or shade, we can plant a container you can care for and enjoy throughout the season!

Landscape lighting of outdoor living space through professional services and landscape installation.


We use Unique Lighting Systems, among the best landscape lighting companies in the country, with special training by their lighting designers. Landscape lighting is an effective way to enhance the architectural aesthetic of your home and landscape. With LED bulbs and a lifetime warranty on fixtures, this is one low-maintenance improvement that makes a powerful statement!

Elegant and luxurious courtyard garden through careful landscape installation and landscape artchitecture.


Properly selecting and planting trees and shrubs makes a significant difference in their performance for years to come. Our trained horticulturists know what to plant, when to plant, and where to plant to give you a long-lived, attractive landscape.

Our knowledge and experience take the worry out of installing a landscape as we continue to build our record of successful projects and satisfied clients. We listen to and work closely with you to determine the best solution for your individual landscape and produce results tailored to your preferences and property.

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