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If you are living in or around Auburn, AL you may not remember what it feels like to see rain coming from the sky. Or maybe you still remember the feeling of drowning from last winter’s torrential down pours.

Our reality right now is an extreme drought. Established plants are dying. If you see your plants looking stressed, the most effective way to help them is to place your hose at the base of the plant and soak those roots in. This method will reduce any unnecessary water runoff while providing the plant with what it needs. Watering your plants thoroughly and infrequently is the best way to encourage the roots to grow deeper, making them less susceptible to drought conditions.

Auburn has released a statement with our current watering restrictions. Please remember to take these seriously! Surcharges will begin in December. As it cools off, plants will need less water. Do your best to track your water usage and do everything you can do reduce it.

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