R & R Landscaping

Better Irrigation Uses Less Water

We are becoming well aware of the value of water. By installing a well-designed irrigation system, you can water more efficiently with less water... and that also means a healthier, better-looking landscape. Our team can design a system based on the plant water requirements in your yard. We will set your controller to ensure the plants are getting the water they need and no excess.


Service Keeps Irrigation Working and Plants Healthy

R&R Landscaping can also service your system. We recommend a 3-times-a-year schedule. We will winterize it for you, turn in on in the spring, and check for any leaks or malfunctions. We come again during the growing season to ensure that everything is working correctly.  By continuing to maintain your system we can catch problems early to prevent excess or wasted water or damage to plants from too much or too little watering.